Welcome to classroomchat!

Parents often ask how they can assist their children with schoolwork especially when they don´t know what was given as homework. Not all students copy down lessons at the same rate and often fall behind in class or "forget" what to do for homework.

This website is a continuation of an experiment started in 2011. It is meant as a way of communicating with my students and their parents. In our chatroom I will post information and notices regarding test content, evaluation and school-outings. I will be reporting on activities such as our participation at various physics competitions as well as news updates regarding our 2014 expo.

Here you can also find pdf copies of overhead transparencies used in lessons, links to interesting websites, hand-outs and class notes from other students as well as pdf assignments serving as homework options.

From time to time I will include interesting news segments from scientific magazines and other sources. Contributions from my students and their parents are welcome.

Lastly, comments are welcome but will be deleted if the content thereof is found to be in any way offensive.

Mag. Juanina Oppel-Equiluz
BSc. HED. BEdHonns. BAHonns


www.classroomchat.akw.at & www.science-expo.at

(akw = Acquired Knowledge Workshop)